One Piece Film: Red has now surpassed Jujutsu Kaisen 0's total Japanese box office...

One Piece Film: Red has now surpassed Jujutsu Kaisen 0's total Japanese box office, in a little over a month in theaters.

One Piece Film: Red
>13.870.000.000 yen

Jujutsu Kaisen 0
>13.750.000.000 yen


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So did moe win?

So this is the power of Ado. I kneel...

Call me when it surpasses Mugen Train

MoeCHADS always win.

I just want to watch it in canada ffs. Still no date except from fall...

More specifically it surpassed JJK0 in both box office revenue and tickets sold in 6 weekends at the box office compared to JJK0's 22-23 weekends.

JJK is shit, no surprise here

Who gives a shit? All this nushit sells millions because normalfags are exposed to anime now. Something outsells something every week. It's all hollow and means nothing. Remember when anime sells were actually impressing 15 years ago?

Based Uta saving One Piece

This is japan. Normalfags were always exposed to anime.

Idols won

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It's actually good.

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That looks cringe as hell.

that looks cool as hell

you look cringe as hell
you look cool as hell

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they killed off the only reason I wanted to watch the movie
so fuck off, I'll never watch it

Undeserved Red was a terrible movie.
The enture theathre audibly sighed whenever Uta started singing.

>worst movie is the best selling
who could have guessed

Mugen Train isn't that bad.

Based Lancechad Uta.