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So How IshiMiko gonna get resolved in the 6 chapters left??

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save that for Kaguya Edgy Adult Sequel.

Forget about that, how is hayasaka going to get more than one chapter at this rate???

Spinoff but Aka gets lazy and gives it to another artist

Surprise harem end, all the girls marry the prez while the guys are memory holed.

Break week. No need for a thread.

Break week just dropped and Hackasaka Hacka is not happy. At this rate he knows he’s going to have to beg for another sequel or spin-off or just a completely new product to sell and or be published to be published to keep his lifestyle afloat. Maybe now he’s realizing ishita no ok should have been another rom com product As expected of the genius mangaka

>Hackasaka Hacka is not happy.

Huh? something happened??

>I think the author is just afraid that Vtubers will lose interest in him because he will no longer be a popular mangaka.
>He can't maintain contact with them just because he's a "former" popular mangaka with money.
>That's what motivates him to start a new work when he hasn't even finished Oshi no Ko.
>Gotta secure that status.

Are you this nip? kek

can someone translate this post

pureasu undastandu

Probably won't get resolved. Iino's last scene will be figuring out who gave her that flower

Maybe this ends with Iino not finding out who gave her that flower and Ishigami too hung up with Shitbame he ends dropping school and stuco, becoming a neet and either rotting himself in his neet warehouse or roping himself.

Reminder Hayasaka doesn't love Prez and Prez only loves Kaguya.

At this rate, that would be for the best. Aka gave too much screentime to Tsubame so it would be better to just commit to Ishigami's misery.

Ishigami just boucing to Lino without any actual development would be a bad resolution, at this point is just better for Ishigami to reject being with her for the time being and we getting an open ending.

>t. Isayama


Nah, he loves her.

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OoC and not canon.

Miko a shit.

Reminder Kaguya doesn't love Prez and Prez only loves Hayasaka.

More canon than the helicopter.