Chainsaw man

Reminder that Makima wanted to eliminate death devil, so Control Devil + Chainsaw Man > Death Devil

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Chainsaw Man > All weapon devils + all horsemen

>n-no, it wasn't supposed to turn out like this

The fujo destroyer

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Use this Reze to manifest your anime and Part 2 desires

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I can't believe she's getting her own movie, based. But how long will we have to wait to watch it?

Don't look...

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Late 2023.

>there are actually genuinly people who insist this wasn't deliberate fujobait

I don't know where people were seeing the fujobait in the last chapter though

The context is important, delusional whale

Noun devil > Death devil


I want the anime to be good! But I don't believe in Brappa anymore!

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Angel Devil is straight

Not for long

I'm ngl bros, I just jerked off to this so hard and cummed everywhere

Is the noun devil going to be male or female?

-Dick too big
-Models look weird and uncanny
-Makima should be fucking Denji's ass with her strap-on
-Cringe voice acting
2/10 only because it's inspired from that one doujin

what about the Noun Devil?

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Denji now has a daughterwife though

Nayuta is marrying Yoshida