Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Kawaki is amazing!

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Kill yourself, narutard.

Cutest couple. Best couple.

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post your gremlinwaris NOW

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That's not genderbent NaruSaku

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oops well that isn't either I guess

would this be better?

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Best couple

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I quite like them, they're cute. Not the biggest fan of what they did with Karin's hair though.

I don't get why the dyke feminist haircut. All the OG females in the epilogue and in Boruto got part of their sex appeal removed.

I guess they thought it would make her look cool and edgy but that was never her personality. If they didn't want her to keep her old haircut then cutting it shorter or sweeping it back into a braid or bun would have looked a lot better.

I think a lot of the female character's designs just aren't that great and not even on the basis of sex appeal, the outfits are either bland or ugly and the hair changes often aren't great. Something about the art style in general makes everyone look bland. Chocho ends up being the cutest.

Ino RADIATES MILF energy though.

Sasuke makes for a way too hot of a female.

She got off lightly compared to the other moms but I feel like they fucked up her color palette a bit. Her skin tone seems too washed out and greyish in some scenes. I guess she spends all day indoors now.

The moon is the feminine aspect.

>Chocho ends up being the cutest.
This. I like her design and her color scheme a lot.

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Love yourself, Narutards.

A panel of realistic Sasuke from Naruto chapter 695 caught my interest, and I wished to see Rinnegan-less Sasuke.
So, I adjusted this panel by removing the rinnegan and inserted the left sharingan eye on it. Surprisingly, he looks less Japanese as Kishimoto envisioned it. What do you think of this?

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I can see what you mean, but I think I will always interpret him as being Asian personally.

Her timeskip design will be gorgeous. Even with the handicap of being chubby she still mogs all the other girls. The color scheme is a large part of it. The detailed lips also help a lot, I wish we saw more of that. Why does anime hate lips/lipstick?

don't underestimate Naruko

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>Last thread
What the fuck KawaSarabros, every other Kawaki ship outclassed us...even the Himafags feel more threatned by purple than Salad.
It was supposed to be her role to marry the bad boy!

He still looks japanese wtf are you talking about

I've seen some of the older threads where there was more KawaSaraposting but most of it didn't seem sincere. Like most of the posting about it was just to be funny or edgy. Are there any sincere KawaSara shippers in /bort/? The KawaHima shippers and KawaSumi shippers seem to actually care and find the pairings cute. It wouldn't be a good move for the story's popularity either not when BoruSara is so freaking popular (I'd bet it is the top ship). I wouldn't be opposed to it but it definitely isn't my favorite and there isn't enough content there. If you do like it, why?

Mind you people filter in and out of these threads it wasn't that long ago that there were a lot of anons claiming he wasn't shippable at all. If there were genuine KawaSara shippers at one point they might just be taking a break from the threads.

Why do you retards keep falling for kishimoto's autism story telling?,
Who cares about dudexgirl ship
who cares about the 5th character wanting to be hokage but having zero criticism to the Shinobi system or any meaningful changes to it as goals.
Characters just say they wanna be hokage because kishimoto is a retard.
Why do you nigger create all these stupid theories but don't realize the guy making the story itself doesn't care.

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because it is fun to imagine that we live in a better world where the story is treated with more care by a less retarded writer


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Japanese people actually like this? Thought it was just Westoids.

Mental illness

>no hiragana
>no katakana


It's so sad kishimoto is so retarded.
Just writing a character that has another meaningful goal but wants to become hokage to achieve that would be so easy to do.

you go dude you be that hokage

Literally all of Naruto's arc as a character.
And now another 20 people want to be hokage just because?