Baki Dou 132 waiting room part III

Third time's the charm, boyos. Chapter in about 6 hours, I wanna say?

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Pity bump

Just wait for the chapter to be realized

>Baki threads were hitting bump limit with over 100 IPs on the regular half a year ago
>Now it's a ghost town

Jack is the heart and soul of Baki
No Jack = No Hype

>Jack is the heart and soul of Baki
Which ones are the brain, stomach, dick and balls?


what does that say?
>transforming the whole body into dick
or something?

did anyone translate the penis chapters?

they should have them on any random manga site by now, usually as part of baki dou

Official thread: boards.Any

Is Itagaki ok?

No. the spiny fags are too slow and lazy


Brain Jack
Stomach Jack
Dick Yujiro
Balls Jack

Wish they would translate the Retsu spinofff.

>Balls Jack
With all those steroids I would be surprised if Jack has balls of his own

his balls are still there, even if they are sucked into his body and even if you cant see them. its about the inside not the outside. even tho Jack is sexy as fuck.

I'm starting to think Musashi arc was indeed heavily editorial mandated and Itagaki kinda snapped so now he's lost it.
Now I'm just imagining that Itagaki post Musashi is like that episode of old Rocko where the cartoonist tried sabotaging his new show only for the executives to love it anyway. Itagaki goes and have Musashi murder a bunch of cops in retaliation for not getting his Imagination Blades only for the editors to somehow be perfectly okay with it.

why are people still talking about musashit? he's fucking dead, he is irrelivant and will never fucking return. give it a rest already

itagaki was inspired to get that whole mini-arc going because he got a parking ticket. he also clearly had a massive hardon for drawing those full force slashes.

how are you this cucked by a dead guy

he was never ok

I think the one with his balls sucked into is Doppo, Jacks' are just shriveled down.