Not wanting to die in a suicide charge makes you a coward

>not wanting to die in a suicide charge makes you a coward
Isayama is a nut

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That's how Asian people actually think about war. They are very stupid.

"if you don't [do thing that benefits your boss at your expense] you are a coward" is like 80% of honor based military societies

why is marlo more relatable than the entire main cast what a hack


No, he is right. You should be eager to die so the women can fuck other guys who didn't die like retards.

Figures Any Forums is too pea-brained to have anything but the most basic surface reading of this scene. Erwin isn't a good person just because he's fighting on the same side as the protagonists. He's a ruthless cunt. He sacrificed all the lives of those people for a chance at victory. Not because "it was the only way" but because it's the only plan Erwin could think up. It's an indictment of his limitations as a commander that his best plan involved mortgaging the future of his own regiment by killing off an entire generation of veteran soldiers. Erwin was a fucking retard. A charismatic retard, sure, but the only way you think this scene was supposed to make him look good is if you're as fucking stupid as you believe the author to be.

Weren't they fucked either way? Well not like it matters because the enemy won and the island was annihilated

Not every character and line of dialogue is directly correlated with the author's personal beliefs. How many disclaimers do you need user? Of this were the case a lot of authors would be Hitler-tier psychopaths

>Of this were the case a lot of authors would be Hitler-tier psychopaths
yes these authors are but i'm not sure if hitler was

It's very much like Levi said, there's no right or wrong. Everyone has to make decisions with the information they have and you just got to hope you make the right decision. Sometimes that involves leading your men into death as a distraction.

Reminds me of some ww1 general convincing his men in the trench to go rush the other trench

Wow don't cut yourself on that edge friend.

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It was either die by getting crushed or die eaten alive by a titan. Both not really fun ways to die but getting crushed should be less painful.

If you join the military you should be prepared to sacrifice your life for anything. Simple as.

hitler was probably not a psychopath and most of these authors are psychopaths isayama being one of them

it:s nowhere near the same. The recruits can't desert without being killed by titans and the monkey is flattening the town so the recruits have no way to survive. Erwin convinces them that since they're about to die, it's better to die while giving Levi a chance at killing the monkey than to have a meaningless death some hours later

write a better solution for that situation

He's from the country that invented a man controlled bomb.

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Erwin is also brutally honest when he recruits about the fact that most of them will die giving their lives for the Island.
He knows that what he has under him are men willing to give their lives.

how is this asia related every country has the same warmonger mindset when it comes to military propaganda