What exactly is Kyouko's life goal?

What exactly is Kyouko's life goal?

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To kiss Sayaka.

To resolve her daddy issues

Sex with girls.

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>resolve her daddy cock issues

>I have come here to chew pocky and fuck Sayaka, and I'm all out of pocky.

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Fucking Mami. Sexually.

To not wear socks or shoes
or underwear
or clothes

To become a sister.

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To eat good food.

In the gacha it was getting over her trauma from her wish, finding out that despite everything a few people were saved because of her wish helped her move on.

Kyouko killing witches means she saves lives, even if she could save more by killing the familiars as well

Yes but her wish killed her family, she wanted to know that her wish directly wasn't a complete failure.

To be cool

Running an apple farm with Sayakek

like all the other girlsfrom her series, to inevitably end up as teen moms by koyomi!

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Hobo and Homo go pretty well together

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Me in the middle.

Uh is this really the right way to eat cake?

But of course

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Sayaka is Kyouko's bitch, not the other way around

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Fucking as many dirty old men up the arse with her huge monster cock.
Why is Kyouko's dick so much bigger than all the other megucas'?

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Kyouko is the alpha magical girl

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Reminder to vote for Kyouko:

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