Everyone on Any Forums has finished to Yoko Littner at least once

Everyone on Any Forums has finished to Yoko Littner at least once.

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Only to rape hentai featuring her.

I'm a Niafag but I admit Yoko is really sexy here.

Yoko is way too big.

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Nope, I hate Yoko, her shitty out of place design dragged the show down immensely

No, that would be cheating. I'm not a fucking degenerate. I'll stick to my one and only, thank you.

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Yeah, but that was back when I was a teenager and bouncing boobies was enough to make me cum. now I can only cum to big fat bouncing overfed bellies



Ah, an American.

I didn't have as discerning taste in high school so yes I fapped to Yoko a few times.

nope still edging to her to this day


You've been edging for 15 years?

I haven't. Not too big a fan of the cheap, western bimbo look, if I'm complete desu.

He only uses this 14-year-old used goods for edging and finishes to a good girl instead.

busted so many nuts to this as a teenager

I mean she had a giant throbbing cock .

I haven't, I've finished to (pre-timeskip) Nia though.

My wife is pure.

I fantasized about raping her a couple of times but I never understood the obsession with her
she's ok

Based. Though I like post time-skip Nia more. Yoko is a whore

yeah, that Asanagi doujin