What's the consensus on flat girls in Any Forums??

What's the consensus on flat girls in Any Forums??

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built to be impregnated by fat old men.

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There's flat, and there's being a walking skeleton


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They're perflat

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Someone post the flatchad

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Remember the wise words of Konata

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hot if they are petite and slim

God I love this gif, and I'm not even that much of a flatfag

Any Forums Consensus

You can only pick one.

I don't know how neko boobwindow tops became a thing for DFC characters but I'm 100% behind it

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I prefer B or C cups. But a flat is fine too.

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it's true
Flatties are significantly rarer than those with nice and shapely big boobs, or women who simply have small breasts. Seeing people with various sizes of attractive chests is normal, everyday stuff. A true perflat however is like a unicorn.

Probably a lot more common in Japan though

Maybe. Asian and Japanese breast sizes are smaller on average, but does that correlate to higher amount of women who have an actual cutting board physique?

you likely have a flat chest too.

>in Any Forums
The only consensus that existed in Any Forums on anything is "put your dick inside"

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>in Any Forums??
Why are lolibabafags like this?