Dragon Ball Super

What are your hopes and expectations for the anime and web series coming next year

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isn't the web series just more DB Heroes?

According to sources it’s an original series

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>$80 million worldwide

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well shit. hopefully its all toei's filler ideas

At this point, I care more about hentai of the next waifu bait character than I do about any new generic villain or Super Saiyan Ultra Faggot transformation they pull out of their asses


Now that you're all here, it's time we end dbs threads, forever.

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Earth’s MIGHTIEST- pffftttt
TRAPPEDku and Raditz

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Imagine if King Bejita could see this...

A few more millions and it WILL surpass Broly too.

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why is piccolo like this?

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Belgium dono...

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As a gokubro, I demand MOE

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Forgot the pic.

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Goku should be able to do this with just a normal punch now but doesn't because Super shit

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I can't believe you TRAPPED and BETRAYED me in the time chamber...

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Only Buu and Gotenks can do this. It's a skill thing not a power thing.

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I want a series centered around Goten and Trunks doing high school shit, going on cool misadventures, and training like their dads (in their own way) while taking on threats that are more in their "scale" cell and kid buu level villains and such like that. Stuff that definitely endangers the world(s) that they fight to save but not so much god/universe tier.

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I honestly would've preferred it if Vegeta stayed dead on Namek and Toriyama asspulled a new saiyan. Be it Tarble or reviving Raditz or whatever for Trunks.

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>Majestic Carlos

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My hope is that they start to accurately portray Bulma in her most faithful and ideal depiction according to the original series created by Toriyama and confirmed by the Dragon Ball Room. And if you're wondering what she would look like? Have a look at the picture related.

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