Mahoako - Looking up to Magical Girls

Uteana ears!

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Too small

Ponytail Utena hits different.
And I like it.

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She does indeed have cute ears, but I'm not sure they warrant a thread

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Yes, they do.

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new chapter this week!

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Was just thinkin that it'd been a while. Nice.

>new chapter this week!
wait what? first time i feel like the month went by faster than usual

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i cant wait to make more reaction pics...

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But the idiot has big tits!

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I hope she loses her panties next

How can she loose something she doesn't have?

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Her boobs keep getting bigger and bigger. I thought Kiwi's supposed to be the busty one in the evil JC group.

Is the author of this one a woman?
Because the tits look so squishy and real

We assume so.
There is some circumstantial evidence.

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That's just kind of what I imagined from the... 'feel' of the manga. Like how it's about a young girl coming into her adolescent sexuality and how it... ah, whats the word for it, like, develops within and shows itself through what she admires.

And huge amount of rape.

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