You know what to do

You know what to do.

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Alright, pull out your cock and I’ll suck it

W-with my mouth or hands, my lady..?

built for ryona

>pull the sock off with my mouth
>bury my face in her sole, with my nose underneath her toes
>inhale deeply
>rub my face all over her foot while continuing to sniff
>(feet must be sniffed thoroughly before they are kissed or licked, so that the smell of your saliva doesn't contaminate the smell of the foot)
>kiss and lick the foot from top to bottom, and suck on the toes
>all while her other foot rubs my dick
Such is the life of a footfag.

Yes I’m tickling the hell out of that with my sharp and hard fingernails
Women have extra sensitive feet for some reason

اللعنة ، كلب ياباني!!!

>Women have extra sensitive feet for some reason
Because women's feet are sex objects.

Why are anime feet so hot when I find most of them gross in real life?

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So long, Shibuya Rin

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Douse it in gasoline and light it on fire?

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Feet do nothing for me, so probably just slap her foot out of my face and tell her to knock it off.

>all while her other foot rubs my dick
That's it, that's the best part.

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Dive past her feet and bury my face between her thighs

Rin already has a boyfriend bro

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There's something magical about licking ojou-sama feet

I sure do!

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