Code Geass

Just finished episode one. So it’s about demonic possession, eh. Is it worth continuing or is the whole story as predictable as it seems?

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You can just make a normal thread if you want to talk about geass that bad, there's no need to bait like an adhd zoomer

>normal thread
So anyway, I’ve seen Black Butler, and the premise so far is the same, the classic “make a pact for the power to harm others, then pay the price for it.” Just wondering if the storyline gets good or if I’m wasting my time on a regurgitated trope.

Watch the movies instead. They're the canon version anyway

>shit thread

Form your own opinion midwit

Oh and Death Note follows the same trope too, but that one got really intricate with the story so I stayed hooked. What can I expect from Geass?

There's speedreaders... and then there's this user...

Dumb fuck

Imagine having such a shit attention span that you need other people to spoonfeed you their opinions rather than just watching the show and forming your own.

Now watch the last episode of the 2nd season.

I don’t have unlimited free time, gotta be picky when getting into a new series. I have a job y’know.



>What can I expect from Geass?
Asspulls, contradictions, plot holes and deus ex machina.
But the girls are incredible.

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You're in for a treat of psychopathic hubris, and pizza hut advertisements.

>is the whole story as predictable as it seems?
I guarantee you're so clueless you can't even predict the following episode correctly.

Fuck you OP

code geass and death note have so much in common. For me, season 1 of code geass is amazing, a lot better than death note (which I also find amazing). Season 2 is good, but not near as much as season 1. Overall it's pretty good, and I'd place it higher than death note.

Overrated nonsense

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