Why is it called 'Bleach' anyway?

Why is it called 'Bleach' anyway?
It's about samurai ghosts not laundry

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you could literally just look it up, bot

Orihime's fat tits..

To ensure it would not get Blacked porn unlike Naruto.

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It's cause of all the bloody clothes that get bleached when washed after fighting

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they cleanse the tainted souls of hollows. they bleach them

Then, it should be exorcism or purification. Bleach is sodium hypochlorite solution. People might think it's a cartoon about janitors.

>People might think it's a cartoon about janitors.
but it is

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it's because you need to throw some bleach in your eyes after witnessing this shitshow

Because I want to bleach my children by mating with Orihime


Because as the story progresses ichigo is literally bleached, as anything interesting from him is chemically removed.

>he isn't le cocky badass spewing one liners
You are underaged

If Shinigami are jannies, what does that make the Quincies?

ichigo is the janny since he does it for FREE
kubo has mentioned shinigami get paid

But what are the quincy?

Describe his personality

hes a guy who protects his friends. hes stoic when needed, goofy when not. he is a protector of friends and he also can be silly. he jokes around a lot but when things get serious, hes there to job.

>inb4 cope

I heard that “White” was a much harder name to copyright, so Kubo went with the closest thing he could use.

Actual answer: as the only kid with none black hair because his mom was foreign Ichigo was often bullied and accused of bleaching his hair and being a delinquent.

Thats why the first chapter is called "the death and the strawberry"

Ichigo gets bleached so far into having every transformation and abilities till he finally reverts back to being a white hollow bitch.