BLEACH anime was greenlit back in 2017

>BLEACH anime was greenlit back in 2017
OH NONONONO Where are my cancelbros at?

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Seethe Cuck. It's anime/manga related.

B-But my favourite e-celeb told me it was cancelled and never c-coming back!

It was cancelled. You can thanks Nakano for his Kubo dickriding to make this bullshit happened.


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Find a different way to cope. It was in the top 5 sales of TVTokyo for years.

Basically this. We need the old chief editor to put Kubo back in his place.

Wipe your ass Cuck.

So the art exhibition, artbook, Burn the Witch, anime sales from TVTokyo, gatcha, hell one shot all got good reception because one guy bought it all?

Weird how you didn't mention the live action movie there. Because it doesn't support your narrative that nips still care about Bleach?

Answer the simple question, who bought that all.

D-doesn't matter, it still doesn't have one piece levels of sales. Hail goda. HAIL GODA

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Jojo live action didn't do all that well, your point?

How does Any Forums do it? Even with all it's flaws it still manages to maintain a level of quality far above the other media boards.


Answer this simple question; if Bleach was and is actually super well-loved, why the fuck was it cancelled in the first place and why did it take 5 years for this anime revival to limp its way off the ground?

cope bleach flopped and is trash

Gintama was cancelled? Inuyasha was cancelled? Ashita no Joe was cancelled? Slam Dunk was cancelled?

>Sold more DVDs than One Piece and Naruto
>12th most sold manga
>7th for Jump

Holy BASED. Bleachcucks????????

wipe your ass