Literally every single normalfag knows what jojo is

>Literally every single normalfag knows what jojo is
Is this a good or a bad thing?

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Bad thing
Giorno song a shit by the way

>>Literally every single normalfag knows what jojo is


I don't interact with normalfags, so what they do or don't know about is completely irrelevant to me, unless they actively change the manga to appeal to normalfags.

Jojo was serialized in WSJ so I don't see why it being some kind of arthouse secret is a bad thing
Anything to wean faggots off the retarded One Piece formula

just don't post if you have nothing to contribute, ESL-kun

Good because SBR will get an anime. The new fans don't read, so unless JJL is getting an anime, they'll stop caring soon

beats the timeline where the OVA is the only available anime adation. just getting part 1 and 2 animated so well makes it all worth it

bad. normalfags ruin everything.

>unless JJL is getting an anime, they'll stop caring soon
oh god please.

The only anime every single normalfag knows is Pokémon.

>Series is flamboyant as fuck
>Homosexuals and legbeards latch onto it based it's it metrosexual-like panels and posing
>Entire series depicts homosexuality as evil and half the few gay characters there are happen to be pedophiles
>Normies are incredibly attached to their dogs and cats and heckin' cute animalreenos
>Animals are brutally murdered in the series for no other reason than because Araki enjoyed drawing it
>Normies are often equate nazis with pure evil and are used to seeing them embarrassed or killed like chaff
>The main character and rival/friend go out of their way to morn a dead German soldier when he's murdered by the bad guys and an honorable Nazi joins the party and befriends the protagonist of part 2

There's something incredibly funny about seeing normal people parrot Jojo memes and alphabet folks latch onto the series' 'male-wearing-lipstick' aesthetic.

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Definitely bad, nothing good ever came from degenerates invading our hobbies.
They waltz in, steer the production and product to their shit taste, then they leave after the industry is run to the ground.
See the internet, and gaming for examples.

Jojo is fantastic and deserves every bit of success it gets.


>on your resume under hobbies you just put "the internet"

this is a d-generation website. the fuck are you invading here for, bible boy?

>he puts hobbies on his resume

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wait there are canon gay characters?

Because westoids refuse to read manga.
If a series is published in the biggest manga magazine, but doesn't have an anime adaptation, it might as well not even exist to normalfags.

Dio is canonically bisexual, and there's 2 gay couples who get brutally murdered in part 5.
There's also a tranny joke in part 6 that was taken as 100% serious representation.

>Dio is canonically bisexual
>2 gay couples in part 5