How do you respond?

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fix your neck first bitch

Move to the side so she can talk to the guy behind me directly.

I’ll only date you if you have a fat futa cock

Hold her hand so she can go home.

Based cuck.

Y-you too.

world's most competent twitter """artist"""

“I’m sorry, I’m already in a relationship. However, I appreciate your forwardness and I’d like to get to know you better (even if I’m not looking for a partner right now).”


Knowingly go along with the blackmail scam because I'm zo lonely.

"I don't believe you." and then I leave. I will then never speak to her again but think about what she said for the rest of my life.


Only a rare autistic woman has the potential to talk like that, but they would be too shy and socially awkward to even approach and talk to a man that they like.

As such, I would assume that either she is a scammer/prostitute or that "she" has a cock

Why is Any Forums so keen on entertaining thinly veiled Any Forums threads when they pretend to get angry any time ronery threads or its adjacents come up in meta discussion?

Nice, but I'll do the opposite and not hold her hand. We will have baby making sex as I caress her head and kiss her passionately. But I will not hold her hand. And then when we're old and about to die, I'll let her hold my hand for the first time.

The only realist in this thread.

No way fag.
Red flags everywhere.

>missing both hands

Yeah this shits so tiring the same shit all over again yet they're popular

I'm gay.

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she's in a schoolgirl uniform so its probably a honeypot