Fact: The winner of an MCbowl is always the girl that the author values and respects the most

Fact: The winner of an MCbowl is always the girl that the author values and respects the most.

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usually first girl

Not true.

True majority of the time

What if the author hates the MC and his favorite girl gets the best secondary guy?

Doesn't happen.


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100% true

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Fact: If the story is centered around an MCbowl, the author doesn't value or respect any of the girls.

True. But they make a point of protecting and coddling the winner girl, while all of the others are regarded as unworthy trash.

Maken-ki kinda

Aiz is also the best though.

I disagree with that as a blanket statement, competition is the spice of life and participation in that doesn't preclude someone from being respected or valued. There's definitely a decent correlation between disrespect and MC bowls though.

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>Fact: If the story is centered around an MCbowl, the author doesn't value or respect any of the girls.
Nisekoi of all things actually had a dedicated arc for each girl being properly rejected or giving up on Raku before the ending and shows that all of them moved on and found someone else (sans Tsumugi I think) by the time of the epilogue, I think that shows the author actually cared about them in contrast to shows were the other girls just remain hopelessly in love with the main character even after he gets with someone else

>hows that all of them moved on and found someone else
And how often does that happen user? i'd tolerate a lot more fake harem competitions if the other girls weren't doomed to be forever alone sulking over an mc that more often then not wasn't good enough for them. it's even worse when some girls had options that they turned down just to end up alone.

True OP. You now remember Infinite Stratos.

They're still losers who weren't good enough and lost for some sort of moral reason. They're still lesser. They weren't good enough get an actual developed romance with a named character with a face, like the MC and his chosen girl.

Meanwhile it's not often that you'd put a male character, even a side character, with a faceless literally who girl that doesn't even have a name.

You really need to stop outing yourself as a brainlet with this 'moral reason' pasta you keep repeating in every danmachi thread. These hack writers have nothing important to say with their writing, dont be a fucking moron.

>Maken-ki kinda
Takeda is such a cucklord, I am not even surprised.

But it's the truth. It's about preaching correct morality and ideals first and foremost.
It's about the one high value girl vs low value throwaway whores. It's about the "easy path" vs the "hard path". It's about proper Japanese traditions, the one and only proper kind of woman.

Actual Fact: the winner of an mcbowl is usually the authors pet/ self insert fantasy. Nothing more, nothing less

No, it's about making money by selling japanese YA. any correlation with supposed correlation in moral social commentary is lost the moment it came from these bumfuck writers who the vast majority of which don't have any experience with women to draw from. Again, literal kids book authors user, stop being retarded.

Are you really missing getting blown out in every fucking Danmachi thread that you had to go make a completely separate thread about your autism?

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Where does this autism come from?

Danmachi fans don’t dislike Ais, they just understand that she’s boring and a 1:1 downgrade from Ryu. And given that the author wanted to end the series with Ryu, it’s hard to claim Ais is somehow respected in some manner she isn’t.

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Which is why they're trying to impart correct morals to young readers, right?

her and aiz literally have similar plot beats. Girl with a tragic back story hell bent on revenge. How anyone can argue moral superiority when both had to be restrained by the mc for potentially killing innocent (or not so innocent) sentient beings is beyond me

The author hates Hestia. She's one of the biggest punching bags used to demonstrate Ais's higher value.

And at that point they make a point of making Ryuu look worse in comparison to Ais.

Who knows. He’s goes on the same autistic rant every Danmachi thread we move had this season about how if the other girls don’t win the Bell bowl it means the author thinks the rest of them are literal whores who’re human garbage and the author wants us to think of them like that.

Guy has some issues.

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It's also about having the correct demeanor, it's about worthiness and greater value determined by her attainability and openness. Ais is worth more than Ryuu for that reason.

You think shit like IS was made to inspire Morals? How retarded are you

They’re literally not.

Name three times Hestia is used to make Ais seem like she’s “higher value”.

When was the last time I posted in a Danmachi thread with these complaints? I bitch about any MCbowl that follows this formula.

Pretty fucking retarded mate. Did you not read