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>Y-Yuria, what are you doing with Roah?!

>Y-yuria, why are you with Toki? Don't you know, he's already dead...

why did everyone want to fuck her?

>first thing you think of is ntr
You have a problem.

cool coloring error on his eyebrows

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is kenshiro the only MC to ever search for his gf, get over her, and then find her?

Not an error, his right eyebrow is hit with light so it's brighter.

can't blame him shading is practically nonexistent in modern anime


>y-yuria, my skills are worthless for killing people. I'll just open a massage parlour.

So being motherly is all it takes to get men obsessed over you?

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Are there really no scans around that won't give me eye cancer? I know about the rerelease but shits going to take fucking years to finish.

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