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I'm gonna say it. Index is looking cuter this volume.

I feel like dion and accel have talked more than lola and aleister did in OT

>For example, he had direct fighters like Qliphah Puzzle 545, Fuse Kazakiri, and Misaka Worst.
So will Worst be finally be relevant

>She was in a puppy mode where she craved attention, even if it came in the form of a light slap.

Why is 545 such a masochist?

>He felt like he had a giant egg there in place of his heart.
Is that… could it be…?

Yes, there was a monster here.

>Everyone had a monster inside them.

>It was a fearsome thing that would drag you down the path to death and ruin if you let it, but it could provide great power if you learned to control it.

>Accelerator knew that violence came in many different forms.

>And he knew there were also nonviolent ways of solving problems.

>(Don’t let it take over.)

>He felt impatience, tension, anger…and the fear of losing someone close to him.

>He took a deep breath and faced his monster.
Holy cringe
(I created this monster myself, so I must be able to control it myself.)

yeah this moment was pretty forced

Watch out for Accelerator! He’s committed a number of heinous crimes including:
- self-defense
- taking in an orphaned child
- saving that child and almost ten thousand others from a targeted attack
- destroyed falsified data that could have led to the deaths of countless people
- saving that child from a deranged kidnapper and prevent that man from unleashing chaos upon a metropolitan city
- saving an old lady
- helping a thug who tried to attack him for no reason
- rejecting an extra-dimensional being who’s appearance caused psychic burden on thousands of people
- defeats forces throughout a war without any casualties and ultimately saves Europe from magic fallout
- eliminated the “need” for Academy City’s criminal network more than once
- helped to prevent a mobile castle from crashing onto a city
- protected scores of people from the hubris of a bug swarm monster
- defended a huge amount of people, time after time, in every event he found himself in
- including multiple mock fights he threw to protect them
- saved people from reigniting the fires of war in England, as well as protected those under fire
- disabled a great demon
And many more evil deeds, including whatever happened in the spinoff!

>Accel constantly looking at his sins via trash demon
>telling himself not to let it take him over
Hm, I think this ties into thelmic shit. Accel is confronting the Abyss

Learn how to greentext retard

Touma will have to steal Accelerator-tan's heart (egg)


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>putting worst in the same league as the other two
Maybe this is her shot. Accel does need someone on the ground who isn't an actual monster. Also this suggest he can summon kazakiri probably without putting LO in a coma.

Brings me back to the old ""villainy"" days

>putting worst in the same league as the other two
yeah, i found that weird too. Maybe accel is just desperate at this point

>You’re sounding more and more like that pervert Aleister all the time.
Accel will be raping Touma soon?

>Think of it like the US president and the lawless CIA
Careful there Kamachi



I like how Anna is just shitting on Aleister, kek

Cthulhu raped him and he's pregnant with a tentacle baby?

Im glad you fags didnt disappoint

Restating that Accel was gaslighted since birth to believe that he could only cause harm may be cringe, but it's still less cringe than Muh Guilt bullshit.

>turns out Aradia didnt get away
So wheres the retarded autist that takes gags seriously? I want an apology, faggot.

Index is best girl

Who cares Mikoto is still a bitch either way

More like Kamachi is contractually obliged to mention her since IF still pushes Worst all the time and people ask where the fuck she is often. Incidentally, that's the true reason why the sisters still have their guns when any bystander in AC would think that's against the law.

>“Please do not let me pass my entrance exams.”



>He forgot to breathe for a moment.

>When the ringlets girl opened her eyes and saw him staring, she tilted her head.

>Apparently she hadn’t meant that as a joke for him to hear.

>“Excuse me.”

>The honey blonde girl was just as confused and hesitantly spoke up.

>She approached this as cautiously as someone defusing a bomb.

>“Hokaze, what was that about?”

>“Oh, that?” The ringlets girl smiled and explained without a moment’s hesitation. “I don’t want to move on to high school for no other reason than ‘it’s time’ when I could instead stay home and spend years seriously considering what path in life would best serve you, my Queen.”

Junko a best

You're supposed to be connecting that to the silly kotatsu syndrome.

>No I cant be happy that a character from the past showed up, I must make up some delusional conspiracy to get angry about
You fags are seriously like those twitter twats that sit around all day making shit up in their heads to get offended about.

> nothing to her but Misaki worship
Nah Junko a shit

What the duck are you on about? I never said that I didn't like that she was mentioned; I responded to a post that seriously put out the idea that Worst is the best the science side could offer as a combatant.