Ballroom e Youkoso

New chapter out. Apparently she's an architect.

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Holy shit it’s alive.

This is still going??

Yeah and another chapter coming November; it's on a break next month. You can read it at the usual places.

That Chinatsu smug face does things to me.

>another break
Is the author still sick? It feels like it's been years since this had a steady release schedule.

Last chapter was like 3 months ago so this is progress

>gets pregnant
>gives birth
>goes on maternity leave
Yes. Sick.

I think you're thinking of someone else

Does MC still not tell his dad he's dancing? Didn't he even get eye surgery or something?

I'm not even sure he told his dad about the surgery let alone his hobbies

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For future use

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Finally, more Chinatsu! But not nearly enough...
Looks like Kugimiya's cousins

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I thought the chair was the bronco's ass for a second

Also for future use

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I still find the eye surgery forced drama not only because of Tatara's age but the fact that the author wants me to believe Tataru suffered an eye injury outside a football or rugby game and that the elbow to the side of his head was enough to damage his eyesight as though he was participating in a boxing match that fateful day instead of simply ballroom dancing.

>66 chapters
>10 years
is there any series that's slower?

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China-chan is buoock.

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series with longer hiatus

he got hit from a spin or something similar right? it's understandable though. it's not a light you know jackshit about dance