Live action

Manga can have great adaptations example
>Midnight Diner

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that street looks comfy

Its slice of life based out of a Japanese dive bar. Each episode so far focuses on a pair of people or a single person. Its able to flush out and rap up their character all within 30 mins. It aired for 10 years and I suggest anyone to watch it.

i want to watch this one

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I've never read the original Himizu manga, but the 2011 movie is one of my favourites. Highly recommend it.

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I've watched it, peak comfy. Makes me want to go to Japan just to order food in a greasy dive bar.

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Oh wait, it's already started?

Any Forums may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like

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Nips can't act at all. Nothing like exaggerated mannerisms and other bullshit.

the The Fable movies are great imo

Honestly enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Better than the Netflix adaptation at least.

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The Fable

Best scene from the The Fable

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No gaijin allowed

>You can't possibly do an anime worse than a live action adaptation
>Netflix: Hold my beer

This actually can be true. I've had places refuse my reservation because I'm a foreigner. And I was already doing it through the hotel concierge.

Is this good?

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Kodoku no Gurume was based on manga too i think, the OL guy who eat in different places. It's like a complementary piece to Midnight Diner for me.

The 20th Century Boys movies were actually pretty good
Never watched them but the Kenshin ones looked good too

The jap live action parasyte movies were decent. so was inuyashiki, and bleach