Chisato x Takina is OTP of the year. Japan agrees, don’t bother them about it

Chisato x Takina is OTP of the year. Japan agrees, don’t bother them about it.

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welcoming their rich old men clients!

They’re turbo lesbians.


Majima's wives.


Top tier yuri 10/10


>slutty dress
>slutty attitude
Literally made for ojiisan's fat cocks

marrying and deyurifying lycoris's girls with the power of penis in vagina, cum in womb and impregnation

These will be the only good posts this entire thread before it hits bump limit.

>waiting for Joker

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>japan agrees

They’re on par with Madoka x Homura in terms of popularity already.

They all prefer that they each have a boyfriend or share the same boyfriend.

>braindead yurifag comparing this insipid trash to HomuMado popularity/story
Absolutely disgusting.

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This will be forgotten the next season user, sorry to burst your bubble.

Yuri always win. This is a fact.

>Madoka and Homura have 13,500 works on pixiv after 10 years
>Chisato and Takina have 3,000 works on pixiv after 3 months
They also have a far more mutually affectionate relationship unlike the former.

Yurifags aren’t like seasonal waifufags who unceremoniously drop their waifs for the next popular meme girl.

You can disagree all you want, but it is what it is. Just check numbers.

It’s so popular Im sure season 2 is already in the works. It’s gonna be even more popular and iconic.