Is this the best main villain introduction in all of manga?

Is this the best main villain introduction in all of manga?

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Aizen and it's not even close


>have funny interaction where they (Luffy and Teach) are not agreeing
>apparently in disbelief over his bounty
>later, Luffy and Zoro just take punches in the bar
>Teach tells Nami she doesn't get it, they won the fight by doing nothing
>compliments him
>by every virtue, we are givennthe impression he's gonna be a future ally
>then we get the big reveal, about him thinking his bounty was too low and how he's a sinister powerhouse, and his name reveal alone being an oh shit moment
10/10 character introduction. Also I really loved the shot of him, Augur, Burgess, and Doc Q walking down the street. Especially in the anime, where it's early night just after sunset with people about. It had a great party atmosphere.


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Yeah, but you forgot
>dont appear for 300 + chapters outside of reading newspapers and getting new bounties and only start doing shit when it's convenient for the plot

>Appears randomly
>Spouts generic slogan

Based Bleachad
We're back at Number One

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>whats is context?

I hate the idea of the Marines/Im being the final bad guys. Blackbeard is the closest to a true foil for Luffy that exists, the dark side of absolute freedom. Much more interesting final encounter for the story

luffy beating blackbeard at laughtale and then using the power and authority he gains as pirate king to overthrow the world order is more interesting than luffy becoming beating blackbeard and becoming pirate king and that being the end of the story

Also the party where Luffy and Teach clash in Impel Down and when they part ways Teach ask if the sky island was real. Like you can feel that Luffy wants to hate the guy for capturing Ace to the marines but he can't because he is so based.

based and bleachbilled. Aizen is unironically manga's greatest villian. Then turns into anime's greatest villian with what can only be described as god tier VA casting

Chocheh is pretty based

Luffy is and has always been the true main villain of the series, but most readers haven't realized it. After he beats the WG and Blackbeard and becomes the pirate king, you'll regret ever supporting him.

Maybe, that scene still intrigues me, and in the anime it's pretty well done.

always loved his Jaya-introduction but I felt that the war-arc took something away from him. it weakened this ambiguousness that Teach could be the hero of his own story, and that his perspective is just as much of a valid path to the One Piece as Luffy's.
Whitebeard outright declaring that he's not one of the people Roger was waiting for, and his terrified expression when he was about to be killed, the story puts a very different light on him that way.

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Sorry user but I think One Piece nowadays is too popular for it’s own good, I already knew who Blackbeard was

>the dark side of absolute freedom
This. I liked a lot the concept of there having a pirate who does pirate things and a pirate who focus in exploring the sea on Romance Dawn, both Blackbeard and Luffy following their "childish" dreams doing different things would be the best example for the concept.


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Too bad that Oda's disposition to sideline stuff for years makes him completely forgettable.