Why do these characters in particular cause so much lust?

Why do these characters in particular cause so much lust?

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What is this archetype called

Babby's first waifu.

The Classics

The Basic Bitch

Why can't femoids be like this?

Stay on Twitter, "yall"

Why the fuck did you add Crab to this? Doesn't fit at all.

>NOOOOOOOOOO she can't be your waifu for REASONS

>implying crab is on the same level with wolf goddess

They aren't particularly attractive to me.

Idk why but C.C has always invoked feelings of melancholy and friendship more than lust. Lust was more Viletta's shtick.

Why is raphtalia in the left?

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they're assertive and confident but still extremely feminine, not crossing over into tomboy zone. and they're not teenagers. and they're extra charming because they're fucking fictional and thus execute their provocative roles flawlessly


Senjoughara and Kurisu are teenagers. C.C. and Holo have teenage bodies.


based and checked

I came here for Kurisu posting, I'm not seeing any Kurisu posting

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>the /trash/ coomer is back

>he thinks it's one guy

It's one guy but he always manages to attract other coomers

None of those are personatrash though.