Is this real

is this real

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Yeah it happened in episode 29

what's she fishing for?

Rei deserved happiness.

Fish, you fucking retard. What else do you fish for???


compliments. isn't that funny, user? :D

the funniness reaches lvls never ever seen before

iirc it's from some VN game

Very small rocks.

I really like that they made an Eva-sized basket and chair.


fishing for fishies

She is not going to hook anything with bait that large.

Now explain that concept to half of Any Forums.

She's catching a BIG fish!

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anons from here have taken bigger bait so idk

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>he doesn't know
user, I...

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I really wanted it to just keep going.

i found the sauce

>have giant mech that can do anything
>go fishing, the most boring hobby, unstead


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Most eloquent fishing hater