Lucky Star

Lucky Star is the comfiest anime ever made. Agree or disagree?

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100% agree. I watch about twice a year. Once in the summer and once in December. (I also alternate between dub and sub)

I watched the first episode, does it get any better? Literally just talking about food for 20 minutes. I know that's basically all moeshit, but from everyone talking about it I assumed it actually had something in it.

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I thought konata was literally me, but you are literally me.

Sometimes they talk about their periods to break up all the talk about food.

It's THE SoL anime. So what seems boring now due to oversaturation was different back then. In other words you'll probably see a lot of the same tropes still used today. As long as you keep that in mind you can probably enjoy it more.

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their.... their pantsu are showing

Lucky Star is shit

It's a show about nothing.
It's common knowledge that the Lucky Star anime owes its unique style to the groundbreaking US sitcom "Seinfeld"

I want to smell them.

Tsukasa is thinking.

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I doubt it

About what?

Man Radiohead fucking ruined Konata for me. I don't think I can ever see her in the same light again


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is there a giant pack of spookasa to download anywhere?

Which lucky wud u fug

watch in broadcast not chronological newfag

I don't agree but it's great regardless.

I spilled so much to that one of her fucking her loli and toddler self, 10/10 doujin.

They should remake the show where everyone is nude with no explanation, and everything is shot for shot otherwise.
But no sexualization. That would be inappropriate.

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Why does she think like that?

Agreed, but it is live action and (You) play every role.

None. Too old.