Jesus christ

jesus christ

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Crow will rape that shota in the next fanbox post

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There's so much boob mass in the way she probably can't even see him.

>nothing happens: the manga
The extras are the only good part of this series, everything else is boring and repetitive shit.

>nothing happens
crow is about to be arrested for rape

/ss/, /ss/, /ss/!

Propaganda for used goods. No thanks.

marry and reproduce

humans aren't goods, ye wannabe slave trader

>t. unused goods

I know. Can’t believe this no-talent hack still hasn’t figured out how to draw a nose.

That "shota" is over 20 years old

Caw caw mother fucker

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Shota is a body type
Imagine that mouth around your dick


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How well do crows and owls get on?

I'd give her pump-a-rum my pickle-pea

>scrolling sadpanda frontpage
>see familiar blue skin, black eyes, and horns
>turns out some doujin artist liked Teresa
>it's fucking Kunaboto
Could someone better who doesn't arbitrarily make original characters have the same 40yo whore body step up?

is any of the lewd work posted in a place i don't have to pay for it?

Bros I'm not ready for the backstory of the tomboy manga.

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