Bleach Catch up Storytime Volume 37 part 3


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Kill yourself.

We hit 3 threads again Bleachbros

Peepee poopoo

I love you user.

Charlotte got us this far.

I can't believe Charlotte Chuhlhourne got us to 3 threads.

anybody here read bleach

And go to soul society? No thanks

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Is Yumichika an actual homo or one of those flamboyant Japanese characters?


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Lilynette grabbing your balls, telling you to grow a pair, and to get in the game.

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Storytime will hit 5 threads so prepare yourself, faglard.


>Starts with 2nd Part to TBTP
>OP posted later than usual
>Sunday when most anons are off
>Ends with best side character fight
Not that surprising



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I can

He's totally gay.

Somehow even more confindent.


Yumichika is not a half-assed kind of guy.
I only read the finest Sasuke Uchiha x Ichigo fanfics.

What was in Kubo's mind as he was drawing this?

Why not? The guy is hilarious.

All me.

>He lost his powers so his transformation worse off, and his clothes exploded, so I guess I must draw this now. For artistic integrity

I just realized the four pillar guardians don't do shit when it's Aizen vs. Gotei. Do they just stand by watching their captains get the shit kicked out of them?

Something something something true name etc and so on

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They all got destroyed by Ayon before.

After all that, you still took him into your mouth you tsundere manslut

It's the law of fair fights, nobody is doing anything to speed up this pillar bullshit either

>ikkaku has a wobbly spear as the manifestation of his soul
>renji has a wobbly sword as the manifestation of his soul
This is unfair. It really was determined from the fucking start.

It's like you forgot about the ENTER that is Ayon who incapacitates all the non captains


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Oh that's right.
It is wild how nobody does anything about the pillars after this. Barragan could sonido and then breathe on them and they'd disintegrate.

the worse of this stupid attitude yumichika and ikkaku have is that yumichika calls for the fake name while fighting a fucking sternritter. they deserved to get worse than they got during that arc

>Call me by my preferred name or I'll let you die
Truly a rainbow pride shikai

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Ikakku's bankai is weaker than Yumichika's shikai. Disgraceful.

Kek you're right

>yumichika calls for the fake name while fighting a fucking sternritter
When? Im pretty sure he tried to call its real name against Zombie Hitsugaya but was BTFO before he could

What a broken ass shikai , how do you beat this shit?

Ikkaku's bankai is weaker than most people's shikai

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Byakuya's Division feels more like the 11th than the 11th.

This is as blatant space filler as it gets. After this, we go back to Ichigo, so when we come back for the REAL fights, Kubo probably hoped everyone forgot the pillars even existed.

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user we aren't going back to ichigo for at least another volume

He's more familiar with the sword than most bankai users at this point, he should be able to use bankai too

I know. Until that, nothing of value happens.

Good night sweet prince. You will be missed.

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