Only 12 episodes according to reliable Chinese Weibo leaker who also leaked the voice actors and character designs

>Only 12 episodes according to reliable Chinese Weibo leaker who also leaked the voice actors and character designs

Has Mappa lost it now? CSM will be completely forgotten the moment it stops airing.

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Bleachads can't stop winning

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Good. Maybe then Chainsoy Dogs will stop yelling everywhere about the only manga they have ever read.

>It'll be forgotten
Good, Redditsawman is trash

I read it and i want my time back.

Just for those tits I'm gonna start watching the anime.

Kinda makes sense. I'm all caught up on the manga, it has very little dialogue and the story progresses quickly, plus they kill off characters like they really didn't give a fuck about them in the first place. They could easily do part one with 12 episodes.

Split cour, fucking retard. 12 episodes is a normal anime season.

>Split cour
Chink suggest it's 1 entire season. Mappa can't do split cour because they will have to work on JJK season 2 at that point. CSM and JJK share the same porudtion pipeline and a lot of freelancers.

Rumor has it Mappa is going for a 12 epsiode + movie + another 12 epsiode season

Part 1 of Chainsaw Man won't be adapted until late 2024-early 2025 because Mappa wants to cash in with a movie

split cour is always retarded for high hyped anime, just relase it 3 months later and do 24 episodes

>CSM will be completely forgotten the moment it stops airing.
God i wish that would happen. Ive never seens other fanbase degrade into absolute cancer in such a short amount of time.

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Good. CSMniggers not only absorbed Shitgekifags undistilled AIDS but somehow evolved to become even more insufferable. Glad CRAPPA is dabbing on both of em, the less I hear the better.

>Making Reze into a movie


I can feel all the happiness in the world concentrating on those bountiful flesh marbles.

No Rukia's uncensored ass, no watch

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Now you will know our pain.
We Dorohedorofags have been waiting for more than two years for a new Dorohedoro season

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isn't it not being simulcasted? so you'll have to rely on late fansubs?

>Rukia's scrawny boy ass
plebe tier

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user, I...
its not getting a second season. it was just an advertisement for the manga...

It's simulcasted. Stop listening to random retards on twitter.

Why does Reddit shill this garbage so much?

It doesn't matter anymore, Crappa will crash and burn this series with their 12 episode decision. CSM only gets good in the second half and now the anime won't even reach it. Normies will call CSM overrated until season 2 airs in 2-3 years from now.

keikaku toori

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So only until reze arc?

I think it's the same reason they won't shut up about Nier Automata, both are soulful and unique in a good way while being somewhat less braindead than most of its mainstream contemporaries, nothing special but still pretty unique, but when a crowd of fuckwits that only know the most dogshit fotm stuff gets a hold of it, they'll be quick to label it "the most profound story in the medium" because they literally don't know any better