Asobi ni iku yo!

What am I in for?

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fat cat titties

The flat chested girls get way more nudity than all the big tiddy girls put together for some reason

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Even better

I enjoyed futaba aoi's ass shots

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I tried making a stitch of this one time but somehow the color on the bottom half didn't match the top and I couldn't fix it
anyway have this totally normal catgirl

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a schizo poster who tries to convince you that theres NTR in the light novels or something

No idea of how the novel ends but in the manga the MC ends with 3 of the girls (also the nudity and nipples is something anime exclusive)

well the last few light novels aren't event translated right?

Nice trips.

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Cat Planet Cuties

A show that winds up going to the dogs.

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talk about a rough match

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well you are in for bitch in heat,and is no just one but all the girls.

are you mad user because the slut childhood friend ended up with MC or is because she was an open slut.
>How is even NTR if they aren't couple?
keep seething mate.
the manga ends with MC taking care of his daughters he had with elis (no sex involved because catian) and married manami.

post more of the megane

i still don't understand that logic of claiming NTR
>slutty girl likes MC
>MC is a dense motherfucker that doesn't realize her feelings.
>He doesn't even notice them despite he is kissed by slutty girl with her getting naked in front of him waiting something.
>Seeing this slutty girl start having sex with random guys to feel better
>MC never cares about that because he loves cat girl with fat ass and huge tits because he is an otaku.

>>Seeing this slutty girl start having sex with random guys to feel better
when the fuck does this happen?

after they rescue elis from the space ship so volume 2 or so,is no weird for a seinen light novel to have sex or traps sucking cocks from MC (i was hoping a catian trap boy that looked like a loli assaulting MC)

sorry this was meant to (you)