Sun & Moon will never be surpassed

Sun & Moon will never be surpassed.

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Allister x Bea forever

For me, it's Misty/Erika/Sabrina.
But I understand your point of view.

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May is for me.

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marry and impregnate, marry and impregnate, impregnate
marry and impregnate (a lot)
marry and impregnate

Delicious spats.


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>ywn cum deep hard inside her womb

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Seems like Japan didn't like Scarlet and Violet girls too much. By this point there were lots of porn of the Galar girls in comparison.

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My awaker

Why is there almost no art of Phoebe? She's super cute.

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That's because the new artstyle is ugly.

Good times

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Pokegirls are built for off-model fanart.


Favourite Pokemon?

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I want to fuck may's tits

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Hopefully it sells poorly and they go back to making the girls sexy.

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Who has the highest body count?

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with these designs. they have little to work with

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I agree. There are a lot of great pokegirls, but the Alola female cast as a whole is unparalleled.

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literally who and who? These aren't characters they are merely character designs with names

user they're 10.