>20 something woman sexually harasses young innocent boy

>this is somehow cute
Imagine if the genders were reversed

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men and women are different. boys and girls are different. deal with it

double standards exist because there are two different things.

Of course OP is a spic.

>but what about

Fuck off, nobody cares.

No thank you, older female younger male is a lot better than older male younger female.

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Whats the name of this show so I can make sure not to watch it.

Because bepis is evil, it's the original sin
Vagina is always sacred and pure, can't do anything wrong

>Imagine if the genders were reversed
also cute


>Imagine if the genders were reversed
Everyone would love that though.

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>Imagine if the genders were reversed
thx for erection

>Imagine if the genders were reversed

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you should stay on reddit and twitter wojackshitter

>Imagine if the genders were reversed

First of all; She’s not aggressive about it. The entire set-up is that the rich brat is being a paranoid sperglord for no established reason and she is only cracking jokes to play along with him and his delusional accusations.
Second of all:
>Imagine if the genders were reversed
Tell me you’ve never read shoujo without telling me you’ve never read shoujo. Women gush like Old Faithful at the idea of an older man playing mind games with them while simultaneously waiting on them hand and foot.

>Imagine if the genders were reversed

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>old blown out OP salty all of the ladies want YOUNG DAINTY COCK

>Imagine if the genders were reversed
young girl sexually harasses 20 something innocent man, now that would be a comedy

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Anime audience is known from being fragile and to overreact to one type of things, and acting edgy about others, considered as controversial by the rest of population.

If the genders were reversed, you'd see most likely the same people who are into loli shit or Nagatoro-like stuff (female bullies male and humiliates him) starting to yell about morals and how bad is it to show a 2D guy molesting a 2D woman in a cartoon. Hypocrites are gonna be like that.

based, this manga is great and the anime is fantastic. I liked it so much I tracked down the hardcopies, hard to get

and from overreacting*