Saint Seiya

Andromeda Shaun was already raped

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All filler no killer

Another plot arc of the sanctuary, another brutal humiliation for Aioria, never escape from that loop.

So Marin is seika?.

I heard they have plans for making other arcs as well.

That means Shaun becoming Hades vessel (if they go the original route). I know we already had female Hades vessel in isekai spin-off, but holy shit.

Apparently they are thinking that Asgard is a possibility.

Big if true

Gods don't care about petty things like gender. Especially Greek gods.


>woooooow this is so much better than the original man get on holy shit
>Here, have an entire filler episode trying to have us believe skulls wearing cloths that Shiryu curbstomped at pretty much his base level and wearing no cloth could be a threat for guys that already beat Gold Saints

>you think too much Mu!
>Mu smiles

Why do they look so fucking gay in this series?

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Are you guys ready for Next Dimension to finally end?

Are you guys interested in me scanlating it?

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Holy kek Aioria went down after 2 needles, how embarrassing.

brokeback starhill?

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At least they gave a good excuse for Aioria to not climb the the stairs.

They don't have flesh to rape.

Yes. I didn't see it getting dragged out with fuckton of volumes. I hope we will get better and more complete ending than the original manga had.

It wasn't worth to lose a legendary meme

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Aiolia? More like JOBlia.

Kanon took 14, without cloth
Also, no blood?

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Allegedelly there'll be 16 chapters. That's like two tankoubon or maybe a little more.

>defeated by Shaka
>defeated by Milo
Is Aioria the new Aldebaran?

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