What was this bitch's problem?

What was this bitch's problem?

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Know your reddit bait thread.
They will start with one or more of several templates:

>What the fuck is his/her problem-
>What did [_____] mean by this-
>Now that the dust has settled-
>Can we all just agree-
>What's Any Forums consesus on this?
>Is it weird-

Don't quote.
Don't reply.
Let him rot.

I felt sorry for her and Asuka the most

gendo used her just like her mother and ritsuko tried not to be her mom and ended up exactly like her

Don't forget
>What would you do in this situation
>For me, it's ___
>____ did nothing wrong
>Is it just me or...
Please, let us be more creative as a community. Together.

Not to mention that when she finally tried to turn against Gendo and stop his plan, the Magi rejected her orders. And the Magi are based on Naoko.

Imagine being stabbed in the back by your dead mother from beyond the grave.

Being best girl.

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I am honestly fine with templates as long as it isn’t some thinly veiled or not veiled at all coom/waifufaggotry/moeshit thread

Lack of dicking.

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Wasn't getting enough regular sex

I'm sorry Big Brother I didn't adhere to your sentence structure standards please continue being a retard to bump my thread.
I still can't comprehend her beef with Gendo over her mother's dirty laundry with the fact that she got her form of revenge against him. There's no reason for her to break character and start crying after the fact she succeeded.
Template questions are fine if they're honest but template answers aren't.

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buh buh buh based coomers but you're probably right.
This anime is a bunch of hot shit thrown in a word salad towards the end of the show. It's like getting loredumped in a game but instead of lore it's just passive aggressive emotional warfare.

going by the loop logic the rebuilds introduced, there's at least one loop where she seduced shinji to get back at gendo

lonely and horny

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It's in the PSP rerelease of the RPG.

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Yeah that was especially depressing. My heart goes out to her. She lived a lonely, shallow life highlighted by betrayal.

Wanted her mom's sloppy seconds and went crazy over it. Did you guys even watch the show?

Yeah I just watched it today after 6+ years of watching better anime. She legitimately has no qualms with Gendo whatsoever until it's suddenly a huge issue. It's laughable how shit it is.

Eva is a Masterpiece and there are hints early on that she hates Gendo if you pay attention. Her mom killed herself over him and she's torn between wanting to fuck him over and just wanting to fuck him, lmao.

I have only ever seen Any Forums anons use the first two lines. Also how would you even associates all of this with reddit unless you are secretly an avid redditor.

Attack on Titan must be in the same vein for you then because they did the same shit of """hinting""" aka just reusing assets for later. The story was told in a nice order, but the Sopranos handled it better.
>the first 20 episodes are monster of the weeks with mild character interactions
>the last few episodes were just a bunch of character loredumps with the anime mimicking cinematography from psychological thrillers that were popular in the 80s
not bad just not perfectly done

Ritsuko is such an underrated character.

She's just an animated version of Elvira from Scarface. My type of woman though

Checked and this user gets it.

This user is either a troll (most likely) or just arguing in bad faith because why not.

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