Dragon Ball Super

What is the most stupid/lazy power-up of the franchise? I go with Golden Frieza.

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black frieza


Gohan Blanco
Gohan did not remotely earn that form in anyway. He was sitting on his ass shoving bugs up his anus and unlocks beast mode out of nowhere.
At least Freeza trained for the first time in his life to get gold.

Everything about Super Hero made me dislike Gohan more. It cemented he's a character who has one good 'moment,' and no one knows what to do with him other than retread it.

cell absorbing humans
what even is the point

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It's Gohan Blanco and Piccolo Naranja.

How the fuck is he supposed to surpass Piccolo then?

The only thing Gohan has ever earned in his life is Super Saiyan.
>rage boosts carry him through most of his life
>got his potential unlocked by the namekian Elder
>got SSJ2 through rage boost
>got his potential unlocked again by Elder Kai
>got Beast through rage boost, again
Gohan might be the most pampered character in Dragon Ball. Hell, he probably only got as far into his studies as he did because he married Mr. Satan's daughter.

The Strongest.

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These had consequences though.

"True" Ultra Instinct. It's just dumb and ruins everything that made UI special and hype. Another reason why shartofarto's fanfic isn't canon.


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>don't train
>actually get weaker
>SS2 again
Fuck Beast.

I think it's cool. It goes with what Whis said about Goku learning his own UI. Besides, who uses "special" and "hype"?

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Torishima is so lucky...

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Super Saiyan 3?

>these four were as strong as Perfect Cell

I will buy the entirety of Dragon Ball (manga). Three times.

I give up.

17-0, unless someone turns Torishima into a girl and she's even cuter than Toriyama-chan.

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wtf is an imblegassi?

We know Son Goku fighting against Cell, the only opponent he's ever feared.

You sure you wanna know?

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Gokek FLED.

>Mr. Satan
Gohan beat Cell, Mr. Satan owes at least half of his fame and money to him.

He feared Raditz and Piccolo first.

>Gohan beat Cell

I miss how characters looked in the early parts of Z.
I thought it was 16-0? Can someone PLEASE stop Toriyama!!

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Gohan and Bejita beat Cell.

>With this ship, I can fly off into space and then set the gravity a billion times that of Earth, and train with no problem, because... gravity doesn't exist in space! I will finally surpass you now, Kakarot! HAHAHAHA!

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>be base form tier his whole life
>get in one fight
>SSJB+ tier
It's ok when Dogly does it.

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Recently it was discovered a 17-0.
1-0 when he had to get a haircut because everyone called him Dr. Mashirito.
2-0 against his editor by leaving very few time to make huge changes to his manga.
3-0 against that editor when he put Goku with Chichi.
4-0 when he based King Piccolo on him just to have him die from getting fisted to death.
5-0 when Bulma was paired off with Vegeta.
6-0 because Torishima RAN away like a BITCH.
7-0 for being unable to cope with the fact that he was wrong when he said Goku growing up would destroy the series.
8-0 when Dr. Mashirito died AGAIN in Dragon Ball Super.
9-0 when Toriyama NEVER, in his TWO (2) most famous titles, followed Shonen Jump's values of friendship.
10-0 since Torishima approved Toriyama’s Dr. Slump script that he previously rejected. Toriyama did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to change that script and spend his remaining time playing video games instead.
11-0 when Toriyama drew Torishima’s daughter to look just like him because Torishima said “she looks just like me”, and Toriyama took his words literally.
12-0 when in the first ever Toriyama vs. Torishima characterfag war, Torishima got raped by the Tienfag.
13-0 when Torishima, without license, somehow crashed a golf-cart.
14-0 when Torishima got exposed as a pervert.
15-0 when Toriyama would spend more time building models than working.
16-0 when on page 7 of volume 11 of Dr. Slump, Torishima jobbed to Kanji.
17-0 because Torishima is a whiny bitch that can't handle a few lovetaps of a fight he started without throwing a tantrum.

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Fucking kek.

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>Who cares about forms that does more than just power you up more? I just want more dumb forms with dumb designs that do nothing but give a power boost.
We know, Toyo.

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Too bad that Goku convinced him that there isn't any air in space, even though we all know that is WRONG.

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Ultra Magnus won.

>I just want more dumb forms with dumb designs that do nothing but give a power boost.
Sir, this is DB. The OP is literally about dumb Power-ups. Besides, True Ultra Instinct isn't bad.

>so filled with testosterone they start fighting it out right there
CHADiyama and CHADshima.

I will BETRAY and TRAP you in the time chamber if you keep going.

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I closed my eyes and saw Yamcha looking at me with a skinny, long nose.