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I won't trust the leaks it's probably no related to Carrot because Oda doesn't care about her... Leaks are most like something related to powerlevel faggotry

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Carrot a cute!

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this is not good

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>why do people hate carrotfags wtf

Can somebody make a real thread please.

I believe in Carrot!

Two Carrot threads in a row!

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Carrot keep taking L's lmao

3.3 billion bounty for kuzan
no carrot for this chapter

Why did Luffy and Buggy replace Big Mom and Kaido as Yonko when the latter two still have higher bounties and still control most of their territories? Their asses getting kicked didn't really change anything in the status quo, unless they really did die in the volcano.

>Noooooo a character I don’t like is in the OP!!!!!


It is against the rules to post furshit outside of Any Forums

What's not to like?

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Mald. The other thread will be deleted btw.

Source: Malik from TalkOP?


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I am Malik and I never said this.

Oh, the non-leaker. Anyways.

I rabu Bonney!

Kuzan is the 10th Blackbeard Captain

>early "hints" release
>carrotfags come out of their holes and start spamming
>summary releases
>no sign of carrot
>carrotfags crawl back into their hole
Repeat this every week
That's our life now


post THAT

>other thread
thanks for the heads up carrotfaggot

will she give her virginity to Sanji?

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Carrotfags remain throughout the week though? Nice revision you malding Yamatroon.

who? robin? prob not

What are you guys gonna do if she joins? You sound like you're ready to spawn an aneurysm.

they went back to spamming yamato and then back to carrot. these fags only care about being loud as possible. giving them attention is why these threads are so shit. even them posting twittershit and worstgen garbage and unironically speculating over gay shit like leaker's moods and thoughts is the kind of cancer these people bring.

I’m gonna kill myself is she’s in

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she won't join. too soulless.

you mean she hasn't?

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enough about yamato