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I actually ship her and Pedro.

Never gonna happen

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wtf I love Bonney now
just kidding I always loved Bonney

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holy shit leaks just drove by my house. I'm scared

That's literally no valuable hint make a new thread with a actual topic to discuss.

Uta is the final nakama

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Continuation: Redon posted this gif whatever it means

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Time to drop the threads until tuesday to avoid the flood of furry delusion


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Post Cute and Canon

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I predict it’s probably Weevil related because no one, absolutely no one, gives a fuck about Weevil.

Reminder that redon seethed hard at yamato staying. And he liked the new chapter...

The marines are sending the brown loli angel killer robots. What is the plan /opg/?

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I'm not falling for it after the bunny gif he posted for 1056

Needs to be browner.

Anyone have those spoilers from the 30 day timeskip that showed a bunch of emojis, and one of them was 3 skulls and a snake?

I want to see what the rest of the emojis are now that we know it wasn't just showing the next chapter but several chapters in advanced.

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Technically that was about Carrot.


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I didn't make it. Gomenasorry.


Fuck you I care

Might be about Carrot, he's a Yamatofag after all

Why would HE give a fuck about weevil?

Did he confirm it?

If it’s Carrot related, I might actually have to leave these threads for good.

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>Why would HE give a fuck about weevil?
That’s the thing. He doesn’t. Hence the gif.

No I mean the 1056 ones.

any LuNa bros in this thread?

Everyone that reads the SBS knows that Weevil will be a chad.


wasn't that a bunny with a crown? seemed pretty accurate


He isn't seething so if its about carrot, its bad news. If it was carrot joining he would pretend he doesnt care like he did when yamato stayed

carrot? on kidd's ship.

If it's a Weevil chapter the crate shitposting would continue for yet another week, assuming there's no break

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Carrot is shit. However, she is still better than Yamato.

The gif seems to be him being mad at something unexpected, why would it be about Weevil?

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Oh that. That did got Carrotbros

It's just Weevil Carrotchuds don't get too uppity

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Because maybe he’s annoyed Weevil takes up most if not all the chapter?


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We know, everyone with a semblance of actual taste

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He would neber admit he is mad at carrot joining. And he is just like "bravo, ODA" in a non ironic way

This would make sense for that reaction. It's a reaction to something unexpected isn't it. Carrot fans sort of get what they want but it's on the wrong ship.

would he be disappointed by weevil?

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Because it’d create a shitstorm since Carrotfags have been at it for 6 years.

Lol he did care, you forgot his tortilla gif, Redon is a Yamatofag

>you forgot his tortilla gif
To be fair only Spanish speakers really understood that one.

The crown got us to think that she won, instead we realized she was being appointed as a ruler of zou

He would if someone popular jobs to Weevil

Thats why i said "pretend" the omelette gif was pure seething

>hammock is a fucking jobber
Thanks, Oda.


yeah, but I wouldn't mind her joining the strawhats desu

It’s Bonney she finally joined

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is that so?

Oh no. Random user. We'll miss you.

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>every gif must be related to Carrot
If Carrot was on the Sunny then the Carrotfag leaker would be jumping in the air with happiness and there would already be a major shitstorm going on.

It's not Carrot when will Carrotkeks learn?


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>Hello, Wanda.
>How is Carrot adjusting to the posi-
>What? She left?
>Straw Hats?
>Dawn of the World?

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Which popular characters are even available to job to Weevil right now?



>pic related
They’re nakama they don’t count
Becides tama

VAs or the Seraphims.

carrotfag leaker right now

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there is no carrotfag leaker, Un-armed only forwards what Redon gives him and was cut off as punishment for his antics

People have been bagging on Weevil since his introduction, maybe whatever plans Oda had actually turned out to be impressive and not just editors blowing smoke up his ass.

>the Carrotfag leaker
Un-amed stopped being a provider 2 weeks ago.


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>Carrot, after taking into account your journeys across two islands, and the fact that you have never once displayed the qualities suited for a leader as you have been following Pedro, Wanda, and that raccoon dog mink for most of your adventures, we have reached a rational decision: we appoint you, 15 year old Carrot, to lead our people to the next era.
>Huh? No way! I can never do that!
>Too late, Carrot, we have already made up your mind.
>But there are other minks more stronger than I am!
>And don’t forget more responsible than you are, too; perfect for the position. Also, we have also decided that rather than just one of us more experienced leaders remaining here with Lord Momonosuke while the other goes with you to Zou to guide you and teach you the ropes, we thought it would make more sense for both of us to remain here while you figure it out for yourself. After all, this is Pedro’s will.
>Uh… that’s a good point to bring up… Pedro told me to move forward with Luffy and the rest.
>Well, Carrot, while Pedro DID never shut up about wanting to join Roger and his crew when he was young, and while he DID never shut up about that whole “dawn of the world” nonsense, look at where his dreams led him—blown to smithereens. Clearly Pedro didn’t understand what his own will was, either. So it’s not surprising that there was a misunderstanding.
>But….but Perospero told me to go back home and to chew on grass. Wouldn’t I be doing exactly that by choosing to become lead-
>Let me stop you right there, Carrot. YOU aren’t choosing anything. We are. Second, you won’t JUST be going back home and chewing grass, you will be going back home to chew grass as the DUCHESS! I bet that Perospero didn’t see THAT coming.
>But… what if I miss my friends…? My Choniki?
>Carrot, I assure you that they won’t miss you. Now get going.

KIzarubros... Oda wouldn't dare...


What if neither Weevil or Carrot are in the chapter?


The faggot said he would come back and leak stuff in advance if he knew Carrot was on the ship.

Just Kizaru

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user he literally said this today, meaning he doesn’t have the spoilers

No Carrot but there's a chance there is going to be some Weevil since we haven't checked on him yet.

What if both are there?

Weevil seems like such a Tamatebako character who was inserted many years just to lie silently in wait before he suddenly explodes and is quickly gone in a few chapters.

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Not even that big of a Namifag but jesus her underboob pics het me every time

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>Weevil jobs to Carrot since he's allergic to fur
>Turns out Carrot is the real daughter of Whitebeard
>Raizo joins

good find

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New hint

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>open crate
>it's Carrot
>but she's dead, she forgot to put air holes in the crate

many years ago I meant

I love carrot so much it's insane.

You proved my point.

that faggot also said the he would be silent if she wouldn't be on the ship and he still shitposted about her.

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*Carrotfag and Yamatofag fighting to death

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I love Zoro so much it's insane.

anal sex with Carrot


I'm actually not alone...

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Carrot deconfirmed. RIP.
>a flashback to the minks saying goodbye and Carrot leading Zou
>Caribou shows up on the Sunny instead
It's over.

Crew is full, Carrotfags.

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Fags at worstgen all but confirming she is in

What a good guardian deity.

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>trusting Hackda to still have this level nuance and subtext
No. Carrot will just be a duchess to full fill Pedro's will. She will get at most one short acknowledgement, just like with Yamato to confirm this. May or may not include the Straw Hats. I'm 1000% sure there's no Carrot this chapter.

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isn't Pedro like her father or at least big brother figure

I'm a faggot that actually reads one piece weekly on Viz. How do I read the SBS?

Are we gonna see the rest of the Seraphim next chapter?

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I don't know if we'll even see Caribou


Totally, bro.
Probably, yeah.

My question is why the WG felt the need to only have the Seraphim unleashed upon Hancock.


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This, its basically over. We just dont know in what shape or form she shows up

>just like with Yamato
Outdated as of this chapter

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If you're the schizo, good riddance. No one but a yonko could touch her.


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You don't you have to either buy or pirate the volumes. You can also just read Artur's translations of them.

These leaks wouldn't be delayed if you just posted the Ukrainian flag on your twitter page. Just saying.

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Why are you samefagging this bad? No one believes you anyway.

Redon hate Carrot since the raid started, he laughed at her getting beat by pero when that chapter drop

>tfw you'll never get to give her headpats as a reward after she rode you until you came in her ass
why live

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We lost Carrotbros it's over...

we don't know if they actually used them with mihawk since all of his pursuers were offscreen
buggy was not worth deploying seraphims
the other one would be weevil

We love Carrot.

I've long since hopped off the Carrot train, but I wouldn't be upset if she joined

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I'm just a degen, don't mind.

What would become of Yamatofags if Carrot is actually on the Sunny?

He didn't, stop making retarded drama up to fuel your retarded character wars.

I'm confused about who is supporting who in this edit considering the original scene with hunting season posters.

if carrot beat pero people would call her a mary sue

>Carrot tries to sneak in the Sunny but Caribou is already in the barrel sleeping
>She accidentally wakes him up and in turn he decapitates her

We had a good run carrotbros, it was fun

They would unironically disappear but for good this time.

utter minbreak in finding out they batter for onigashima rebecca the whole time

Where the byakkofags at?

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Along with the Tamapedos

And it wouldn't be good writing for her character. Thus, being forced to lose to Peros

I would question Oda as a writer if Carrot is in.

Can someone explain me this baykko thing?