Slayers Sunday

Today is Sunday, so this will be my Slayers thread.

Today I am going to be uploading all four chapters of Hourglass of Falces, maybe. I'm only starting with chapter one and seeing how things go. This is a manga story for the Slayers series, created by Hajime Kanzaka and Rui Araizumi. However, this specific manga, although canon in its own setting, is not drawn nor written by either, and is rife with tremendous ecchi flair.

If you can get over the over-the-top Ikki Tousen-tier panty shots and tits, then it's worth checking out. If you can't, that's not my fucking problem.

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The story doesn't start properly until two gag pages are shown.

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Milania and Luke are characters from Volumes 9-15 of the light novel, which were, until J-Novel got the license, never released in the West, except with fan translations. Milania is an even-tempered, largely non-emoting young sorcerer with a broad spell list, but no real heavy-hitters like Lina. She is constantly pined over by Luke, a former contract killer that she converted into a treasure hunter. Luke is noted for his red, evil-looking eyes, and overly competitive nature with Lina whenever the two interact.

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A prequel page, setting the stage for the contents that are to follow...

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Splash page. No tits anywhere on the center of the page.

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The table of contents, obviously. It's a four-chapter manga story, in case you're interested in perusing it further.

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And now we began!

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