So when does this shit really kick off?

I've always had this recommended, through friends I usually share tastes with, and elsewhere. Halfway through Vol. 5 atm, and now I'm just wondering: Where's the depth I've heard so much about over the years? I know I'm still fairly early in, but thus far it seems like just another shonen. Difference with this one being that I actually like the world and some of the characters.

Is there something I'm missing? Or a point where it really picks up and becomes something more?

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Just finish the story and find the depth, if any, yourself.

In the time you wrote this post and wait for replies, you could have finished the series

Or you could just tell me. Do you know how much shit there is out there to read/play/watch? That's not even taking into account time for hobbies and responsibility lol I just want to know that I'm not wasting my time with it

>I just want to know that I'm not wasting my time with it
If you are here you clearly dont value that time much if you don't like it just drop it

You said that you like the world and some of the characters and haven't said a single negative thing about it so I assume you're enjoying it? Even if people tell you about this 'depth' and you found it or not, as long as you're liking it, it isn't a waste of time.

I might be wrong.
But I barely remember it, I think I just liked it for its "themes" because I watched it when I was 10 year old boy.

I only watched the anime, but what seemed unique about this one was that it was actually a straight up adventure rather than a battle shounen, despite characters being superpowered fighters. Had fun, but I think it's pretty overrated. Also, the animation for the fighting scenes being usually good was a plus, so I don't know how the experience of reading the manga compares.

Answer the question or fuck off, faggot. I can post here as I'm doing other things, and I'm doing that to determine whether or not I am going to drop it. Why is that so hard to understand?
I do. I like the way it handles alchemy from what I've seen, and the world is fairly unique from my experience with the genre. I like the characters well enough as well, but there hasn't been much in the way of development thus far so I'm not sure how far that will carry me, y'know?
Yeah, I was in the same boat. Saw episodes on Toonami back in the day and enjoyed it, figured I'd give the manga a go lol
The adventure aspect is definitely one of its higher points. I agree on the fight scenes in the anime though, from the little I remember.

>Answer the question or fuck off, faggot
Relax friend just jerking your chain a little, if you want my opinion its a alright episode manga/anime and becomes better once the plot kicks in later around near the middle hope it helps

Sorry, was probably a bit harsh, but people commenting on how I spend/value my time has always been a pet peeve of mine, and it's hard to tell whether someone's being snarky or just jesting here. That does help, though, thank you!

No problem bud

The development will came from read it until the end ffs. learn to have patience, the manga or anime arent even that big

I have plenty of patience, but I've read five volumes now with only the barest of hints of that development. Again, there are plenty of high quality manga/comics/novels to read, shows/movies to watch, games to play etc. Instead of being defensive and snide, perhaps you could instead give some reasons I might want to continue? Fucking idiot.

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sure bud. you are not getting the answer you want to read that is "give up, it sucks" and are getting mad. what you deserve is to be ignored or be spoiled

Read it fully or don't? Asking for that is simply asking for a certain level of expectation that it probably won't reach for you.

Not really the answer I'm looking for though. More like "it leans a little more fully into its themes partway" or "the characters become more fleshed out here" etc. Someone asking questions about something you enjoy isn't an insult friend, don't get so defensive. I'm getting "mad" at non-answers and condescending douches like yourself that can't answer a simple question.
See the above m8