Aliens Area Chapter 14

Didn't see a thread for it so dumping

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>Fire ability augmented with a lighter

There was another manga I read a few months ago like that, I forgot if it was a long one shot or a very short series though.

Also how is this series doing? Any signs of the axe? I know people gave protag shit for 'copying luffy' or something.

I know Mustang did that in FMA. No clue how the manga is doing, my guess would be poorly. I'm liking it quite a lot since it's switched to being nip men in black, it's start was rough

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time to get disillusioned with his organisation

good chapter

is this ranking better yet

>Devoted to job no matter the circumstances

Man those are the types that have the best moments when something makes them snap, unless he did already, I need to read the other chapters.