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How good was Nao Toyama's English?

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I always thought it was hilariously bad and wondered why they couldn't hire an actual native English VA, but then I realized native English speakers also sound hilariously (and not in the cute way) bad when they speak Japanese.

She was awful, but it sounded cute so it was all okay.

Awful. The terrible fake English is one of the main reasons I couldn't stand watching this show.

If Karen was drawn in a realistic style how big would her tits be?

I wonder how bad her fake-bad Japanese was.

I hate it when Japanese media has Engrish in it. I can suspend my disbelief about everyone speaking Japanese, but I can't shut my ears to how abysmal they sound when they try to speak English. Psycho-Pass the Movie is a good example; it originally had awful Engrish, but the dub was actually decent and someone made a version that mixed them together:

I think it's more the fault of scripting and direction. Basically the same major issues English dubs have, but the addition of not really being fluent in the language. She's just reading the lines and has a general feeling she is aiming for but isn't speaking the sentences with the regular kind of pacing and inflection of a native English speaker and the written lines weren't the most natural to begin with.

Doesn't matter though since I love Karen regardless.

An ESL like me has no problems.with Engrish.

Where the fuck is the movie?

I read a Japan Times article that said less than 20% of the population knows English. I know they're taught it in school for years, but it said they never really 'learn' it, they just memorize vocab for tests and never have a chance to practice speaking it in actual conversations.

Japanese seiyuus should know some basic fluent English and English VAs should have a better handle on the Japanese language. Why this isn't a requirement is beyond me.

It got released. No proper subs, only unedited MTL from Indonesian.

Japantimes hates japan anyway so it's not the most reliable source but the japanese are pretty about learning english

How was Alice's English?

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apparently her VA used to live in the UK for a bit, so it was better.

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>less than 20% of the population knows English
same in Europe outside of nordic cucks

Europe isn't one country though.