Waifu Logistics

How exactly are waifus supposed to work?
if multiple people have the same waifu do they have to share her? Is it like an open relationship?
or do you get your own copy? are there an infinite amount of waifus in the ether that can be picked out or are they created ad-hoc?
or is it like a last man standing situation where you have to fight all other suitors in order to secure your waifu?

I'm very confused about this and would like some answers as I believe anons of Any Forums are the authorities on this subject

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Im willing to share Megumin with everyone.
It would be a waste otherwise

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well I'm not willing to share her with you so you're going to have to fuck off and get your own waifu

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Everyone essentially has their own version, since it's fictional and the number of potential universes is infinite.

Whatever makes you feel good. Usually that means getting your waifu for yourself, but if you'd rather imagine sharing her with a hundred horny weebs, knock yourself out.

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This was solved a long time ago.

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What a sweet user. Sharing really is caring.

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they aren't real dumb autist

huh? but she's right there, can't you see her?
ah so that's how it is, what if I claim your waifu instance as mine there-by creating a sub-copy. am I cucking you?

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Yes they are, I’ll meet her when I die just as all true Any Forumsnons will. This plane of existence is too shit for there not to be some concessionary afterlife

>or do you get your own copy?
This one

kys hylics

Based. You should learn to astral project if you don't already.

Waifu exist in the Platonic realm, every instance of them in anybody's mind is a unique interpretation of it.
Basically this.

>concessionary afterlife

i love my Yunyun wife instance.

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Think about it like this.
If I make a clone of your girlfriend and fuck her would you be upset?

I'm just not sure

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Every manga sold, every disc pressed, and every figure sold creates a brand new clone of the character.

>oh shit! I better buy my copy right away then!

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You wouldn't be able to know my waifu instance, and even if you did it wouldn't be the same as my waifu.

An idol should not post on Any Forums,reika.

A waifu is a lot like Mario 64, in that every copy of her is personalized.

several other circumstances need to be evaluated along side this before you can really answer this:
if I cloned your gf, would the clone be a new person to you? or would you just keep her like your original gf?
if I cloned your gf, then killed the original, would you accept the clone as a replacement?
if I cloned your gf, then fucked the clone, would you be upset?
if I cloned your gf, killed the original, then fucked the clone, would the fornication upset you?

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No one person can claim ownership of a waifu. Waifus belong to the people, not an individual.

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>weeb commie

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What if your original waifu died and the clone ran off with a 6 inch tall clone of Hitler?