Rangiku Matsumoto, Tsunade, ... Who is your favourite older woman?

Rangiku Matsumoto, Tsunade, ... Who is your favourite older woman?

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Rangiku and Tsunade

my mom of course :)

You can only choose 1.

Kill yourself, narutard.


Tsunade has a better character but Rangiku is much hotter

Rangiku with long hair > Tsunade > Rangiku with short hair.

>older woman in anime
>she is younger than you

Granted, not really a case with Rangiku since the shinigami are probably several centuries old. But the milf or older sister types are always like 27.

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Imagine all the extra Tsunade x Rangiku content we would've had if Pierrot didn't randomly decide to make Rangiku a ginger

>Draw a 20 something
>Call it an older woman

You poser faggots wouldn't know an older woman if she knocked you out with her tits.

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>Who is your favourite older woman

doesnt matter.
they all mock hard all the shitty loli characters.

Why did tranny jannies delete the previous thread ?

Makima is the only older woman I'm into

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Tsunade technically is a granny.

Older woman in anime/manga are way hotter than all the shitty loli characters.

shark tits

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Rangiku is really more of an onee-san who flirts with and teases you. Tsunade is the oba-san who gets drunk and pops your cherry, and that's more of my fetish

You're an user of great tastes.

both, i wopuld marry and impregnate both of them, they really need pregnancy