I believe the Age of Ojou-samas will soon come to us

I believe the Age of Ojou-samas will soon come to us.

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Best ojou.

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Why don’t normalfags like them?

They don't understand the appeal. And they are usually just gag characters which sucks.

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I want to believe, but it doesn't seem likely.

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please be true OP

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Age of Ojou has long since passed

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It pains me to admit but he’s correct, current anime barely feature them and even when they were common they were rarely anything more than gag characters. Decades of anti-white/upper-class propaganda have conditioned the masses into hating anyone that fit the ojou archetype, modern anime fans only care for dirty sewer-rats like nagatoro

i want to believe
smug haughty ojous only, please
i tire of the nice rich girl variant

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They are build for japanese male mcs and Rin Tohsaka.

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I miss her so much.

She is wandering hobo in bdsm costume
Outside of her laugh she is barely an ojou

lol no.

Please check out her series, Any Forums. She's the best one in the manga.

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She's literally a princess. She might be traveling but if she ever came back to the castle she would still have her princess role.

which series though

isn't the most famous vtuber some kind of ojousama? I was hoping that would push the trend but I don't follow vtubers so I'm not sure.

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>he claims to be an ojou fan
>hasn’t watched or read any classic shoujo

What’s your excuse? The 70s was the golden age of the ojou-sama.

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I'll be nice this time cause our threads haven't caught on fire yet. 100 Kanojo/100 Girlfriends.

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>She's literally a princess.
Yet she does not act like one

>100 Kanojo/100 Girlfriends.
I appreciate your niceness but hate your manga.

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Oh well. Can't please everyone I suppose.

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