One Piece

Spoilers never.

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>can't even beat fodder


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Sandersonia > Hankek

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King and Queen of One Piece!

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Nobody cares about your literal who snake.

based image

Unresolved plot threads killed the hype.
Some of the mysteries need to be solved, if we actually are getting into endgame.
Fucks sake, can we at least see what Vegapunk looks like?

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>not even hints today
What happened?

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They can't hint Carrot without spoiling it right away I guess?

It's an Uta chapter

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Post Cute and Canon

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Bonney >>>>>>> everyone

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They run out of reaction pics

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There should be a John Wayne Gacy Pacifista.

>h-h-haki is the worst thing ever, it literally makes DFs irrelevant
>Awakened Luffy defeats Kaido after Kaidos haki speech
>CoCless Law and Kidd btfo Big Meme using their DF awakenings
>Boa Hancocks DF is so overpowered that she turns you to stone regardless of your haki level as long as you lust for her, even a bit
Uhhhhhh, hakibros, what happened?

Post'em and rate'em

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Favorite marines?

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Hina and... only Hina

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T-Bone, pre-TS Smoker


I couldn't care less about what would be my favourite for half of these things
Like oh yeah, I'm sure gonna waste time thinking about openings and fucking laughs like some goddamn attention whore

>Fusha village
>comfy life in the outskirts of a country
I always liked the feel to Fusha Village, tur s out Goa is a fucking shithole though.

Best admiral

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>I may be blind, but at least I'm not JAPANESE!

Yamabros kind of won

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Learn to spell husbando

Have you ever realized Hancock's earrings are perfect blowjob handles?

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Here's your hint bro.

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Crew's full, sorry.

Sengoku, Garp, Smoker, Coby, Helmepo, Fujitora and Akainu. I dont care for the rest

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Based Fujitora, man changed the political and power landscape in the world in just two years in a power position.


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Akainu and Rosinante

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you know it user

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>cropped out Luffys dialogue