Boku no Hero Academia

Can we move on to another battle already? This filler fight with fake deaths and silly asspulls have been going on for way too long now

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Leave him alone.

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Why is Deku always kawaii as fuck. How am I supposed to discuss this trainwreck with an MC as adorable as him?

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Yes, everybody’s favorite traitorous Frenchman and fat fuck against a man who can control plants. 10 chapter mini arc.

He' very huggable

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Thoughts on the Hero Grape-Juice?

What do you enjoy reading in this manga?

I want to sexually violate Deku's tight butthole.

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Zero hype
Zero ______

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...hype? stakes?


Quirk minutia and improbable reveals.

K-Kachan please!

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>improbable reveals
Name one

that's what we all want, you're not special

I enjoyed when they were ducking around in school and learning to not be retarded with their powers(or to be more retarded). Not so much anymore.
I’ve said it before but all I wanted from this series was nichibros with superpowers.


maybe stop watching this awful anime and let it die before it gets worst.

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