Soredemo Ayumu wa Yosetekuru

>urban barn
What Canadian mall is this based on?

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>accented o in óxite
I'd guess one in Quebec

Is there a Winners equivalent outside of Canada? They have this weird soul draining aura inside the buildings. It's like the air itself is stagnant and the products dated by many years. No one ends up there with the intention of visiting Winners aside from much older women who absentmindedly drift around the store browsing. How do they even stay in business?

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Why would a Japanese anime set in Japan have a mall based on Canada?

someone used google images for a reference most likely

This manga has healed me this past year
Only problem is I self insert as Rin

So you are madly in love with Ayumu...

I guess you can say I like straight forward people

They should've done Soredemo before Kunoichi, so that Yamamoto year would've ended up on a high, and not on the worst anime.


>not good

I don’t understand how you can be a fan of Kunoichi stuff but not Yamamoto’s other stuff. He’s a pretty solid mangaka but all you cunnyfags care about UOOOOOHHH SEXANKA or HAGI RAPE or ANAL WITH HOUSENKA. So uncivilized, you lot are. Makes me ashamed to be a lolicon.

Is Kunoichi nothing but fap bait?

Not really unless you are supposed get off exclusively on foreheads, occasional feet or "ninja/kunoichi clothes"

No, its a really cute SOL, it has few instances of fanservice which are quite tame. Yamamoto was able to make cute stories with 36+(?) characters.

Urushi is 18 y/o

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But looking like 12 >:P

She's third year student in high school and studying to get in an university in the manga, you go be reterd somewhere else

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