Summer 2022

Final stretch of the season before we get into the loaded fall. What's been your favorite show from the summer?

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they're all bad

Judging by popularity it's gonna be a tie between ojisan and summertime

Made in Abyss for sure but Summertime Render comes close to it and then Shadows House.

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Engage Kiss

Chimimo has been the one show I've genuinely enjoyed every week. After that Lycoris then Teppen.

my fav
>time render
>soredemo Ayumu
>Kuro no shoukanshi
>lycoris (top tier yuri)
>hoshi no samidare
>kami kuzu idol (nice shoujo)
>engage kiss
>isekai yakkyoku
>rabu rive superstar
>extreme hearts(yuri sports?)
>tensei kenja
>Momonga-sama anime
>isekai meikyuu
>made in abyss
>Isekai Ojisa (top tier comedy)
>jashin-chan (top tier.... jashin-chan??)

This, I don't even need to watch any of them to know that

Unironically an isekai anime has been the best show so far. Yeah I'm talking about Ojiisan. MiA and Yofukashi have been entertaining though.

Still can't decide, Lycoris Recoil and Engage Kiss are my favs and both of them are on the 6/10 realm and how good they are will depend on how they end, for one side originals usually have shit endings and on the other side gachas never have an "ending", we'll see who wins.
Though if we count sequels MiA take the cake easy.

Anime is fucking dead.

Lycoris by far, Wasn't even expecting much from it but A1 did a good job with it and it's an original so bonus points for that.

Kumichou Musume is surprisingly good too.

This is the first season ever since i started watching anime back in 2007 that i literally didn't watch a single show. Like, not even 3 episode rule or picking something up and dropping it along the way, I just outright skipped it all. This whole season may as well have not even existed in the first place.

Lycoris has to be the most disappointing show of the season by far I don't know what you liked that much about it Ledouche.

Made in Abyss. I wish Biscuit hammer was good.

for me it's summer time render

I think I need to find a new hobby.

I liked KamiKuzu more than anything else. Best comedy in a while.

jashinchan with ease, despite the tourism arc.
but it compensates it with miku now officially anime.

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Don't worry nobody's gonna miss you passerby.

Just watch old anime