Aizen is the single biggest disappointment of a villain ever, even worse than Yhwach

Aizen is the single biggest disappointment of a villain ever, even worse than Yhwach

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>the single biggest disappointment of a villain ever
You rang?

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Here comes the bleach shitposting threads for cope

Anime should be completely different from the manga. Aizen should be final boss after they kill Ywach.

For that matter

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What were you expecting with how utterly garbage Bleach is?

wipe your ass

Agreed. Pretty hollow villain.
Tooru has more soul than Aizen ever had.

Sometimes I think that most of Bleach fans are just copers posting shit to pretend to look "kewl".

he still cucked the frost shota

wipe your ass

>even worse than Yhwach

Because it's an obvious low effort bait, namefag-kun

Marvel manga.

Vicious from Cowboy Bebop is a good contender for worst main villain, in fact thats one of the only few legit complaints I have about that series

Thats CSM

Based, Tooru is fucking dogshit in every conceivable respect

he is not a villain

Since when were you under the impression that Aizen was disappointing? His plan isn't done yet. He's right where he wants to be and when he finishes mastering his powers Aizen wont be stopped.

Nah he wasn't that bad, know-it-all villans can be good, hell the only time I started to get annoyed was when he told ichigo: 'Oh yeah I've known you since before you were born.'

Cell is also pretty fucking garbage. Only ever worshipped because of other character moments from people surrounding him rather than him himself.
He has no goal other than a sideshow of proving he's the strongest and then just killing and destroying everything out of sadism for the sake of it. He even rips off King Piccolo's TV broadcast, completely unoriginal in every aspect.

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